Parish Staff


Debra Whaley, Parish Administration Assistant

As is often the case, direct contact with Debra can often provide the immediate answer to a parish question. Working 9am to 2pm Wednesday to Friday each week in the Parish House, Debra is also the contact point for the weekly parish bulletin.

Debra has been the Parish Secretary at St Mary's since 1998.  She has two daughters, both ex-students of St Mary's Primary School.


rsz 1michael schiano

Michael Schiano, Sacramental Coordinator


Michael joins the Parish Team as Sacramental Coordinator. He has come with a wealth of expererience and expertise as an educator, having worked in Catholic Education across the Sydney Archdoicese and the Broken Bay Diocese for 38 years. In his role as educator he has taught Kindergarten to Year 6 and held positions of Religious Education Coordinator, Assistant Principal and Acting Principal.

He is currently studing Clinical, Pastoral Education at St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney.