The sacrament of Confirmation strengthens the gifts of the Holy Spirit received in Baptism. Confirmation completes the sacraments of initiation and celebrates the anointing of the Holy Spirit empowering the baptised to take up their mission and ministry in the Church.

The Bishop is the usual Minister of the sacrament and comes to the Parish to confirm children in Year 6 and above through the parish-based sacramental program.

The program runs in Term Three of the school year and is offered to all young Catholic people in Year 6 or above. – Please see Sacramental Program for full details.

The program begins with a parent evening. The preparation is undertaken in small home groups over four weeks with one-hour sessions weekly. Please see Sacramental Program for full details.

The Sacrament of Confirmation is celebrated at Sunday 9 am Mass during August or September each year.

Adult sacrament is celebrated in St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney twice a year after suitable preparation in the Parish.

The Parish Priest confirms when there are adults received into the faith community at Easter and at other times when the Bishop deputes him to confirm.